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  Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: Software Engineer
Interests: programming, girls, first person shooters, real time strategies, running, art, industrial music
USERNAME: jacob33


About jacob33
When i was a young welp, my father and I built a tank. its barrel melted in the sun when we glued it. I haven't touched models for 15 years after that. I guess I was traumatized. Well, alas, after being ensnared into ww2 materiel from the myriad ww2 themed computer-games (wolfenstein, day of defeat, wolfenstein:enemy territory, and blitzkrieg) in a cold January day I discovered a hobby-shop when I was waiting for an order of Pad Thai. Discovering that the hobby industry was alive and well (possibly thriving), and to my suprise, naively, I could buy a Tamiya 88mm FLAK and a T34/85. I soon found Armorama, which quickly became my primary resource. I never had a life since! I love resin figures. I weather in artist's oils/pastels. I use model master enamels for basecoating armour/dioramas; I paint figures in Tamiya XF acrylics. I derive alot of influence from Calvan Tan and Greg Cihlar.

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