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  New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Student/Vol. firefighter
USERNAME: Pettastic


About Pettastic
Hi im Pete Im 20 years old and I live in N.J. When Im not it class or with my lovely girlfriend Meghan Im at my desk or in the garage airbrushing something.(Thanks for putting up with the hobby and for draging you to hobby shops meg)I love German and Allied armor from WWII and IDF stuff.I had always loved tanks for as long as I can remember but after seeing Saving Private Ryan at the movies with my dad years ago that got the fuse lit.My father was the one who got me into the hobby and he has always been there to put up with my dumb armor questions.Aside from building kits I love vol. firefighting, Im a engineer in training at station 41 as well as working for my BA in History.For those of you with a myspace profile Im www.myspace.com/chads3xington

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