Friday, July 13, 2007 - 07:03 AM UTC
Reminiscing about time in the Army, seeing the masters for MDC's latest masterpiece, being given an excellent demonstration and coming away with items to review, What more could you ask from a model show? Maybe good company, well there was that too at the Washington show last week end Sunday the 8th July.
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I hadn’t heard of a model show in Washington, no not DC, near Newcastle, but Nige had. I bit of a trek for him but he was getting withdrawal symptoms from not having attended a model show for some time. Luckily for me he was taking the A1, which passes within 3 miles of me at Blythe, and asked me if I would like to go. Checking with SWMBO, because I had been to the Flying legends display at Duxford the day before, I got the nod. Nige picked me up just after 8.00 and off we went.

The drive up the A1 is pretty uninspiring, to say the least, not even the anticipation of seeing the “Angel of the North” again (what a monstrosity, unless of course you like to be reminded that you are getting close to Newcastle. For me though, it just reminds me of the rush hour around there, when in my previous job). So having company on the drive is a real bonus and I’m glad that I could accompany Nige. The drive would have been uneventful, forgetting about the young lady in the sat nav twittering on, apart from the fact that I have to report that Muttley will not be able to claim any more medals. “That pigeon” took on Nige’s car and lost.

The Venue was at the Nissan sports arena, which is near an Aircraft museum. We didn’t make the museum and I forgot to find out if it is open on Sundays, for future reference. I mention this so that if you go to subsequent shows, held at the same place, you will know to follow the signs for the museum and not the directions of the lady in the sat nav. This wasn’t the biggest show and I believe that it was the first, or the first new show for this group, but it was pretty good. The hall is single gym size and could have held a few more stands. This didn’t spoil the show and is what you would expect until word gets around. The fact that traders like MDC and Cammett were there speaks volumes.

There was a small competition in which Nige entered 3 1/72 scale aircraft models. There were some other very good entries in most of the other class but only one in the 1/48 and larger category. I should have entered as I had a good chance of taking honours. Nige actually, but not surprisingly, took first and second place with his pair of P-47 Thunderbolts, his natural metal one taking first. I’m not sure which entry took best of show but there were some stunning figures. On of the highlights of the show for me and I think Nige as well, was a demonstration of figure face painting in oils. I didn’t get the modeller’s name but in 30 minutes he had produced a stunning face in the worst of lighting conditions. Nige will have no more excuses for not finishing his Luftwaffe pilot figure. Other highlights, for me, were; seeing the MDC 1/32 Arado Ar234 master in the flesh, receiving a couple of items for review from Robin Carpenter of Cammett (see elsewhere). Buying Airfix’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk I (so did Nige, because we all know that, “you just can’t have too many Spitfires”). Last but not least talking to an ex Sapper (Royal Engineer), who left before I joined, about bridging, after spotting a scratch built model of a LAFB (pronounced Laffbee) (Light Amphibious Floating Bridge). Just for your information we talked about HAFB, Bailey Bridge (both narrow and EWBB), HGB, MGB and Heavy Ferry. Boy did that lot take me back.

So a good first show, one which I will definitely think about going to again, and one to which the stand would go well, maybe next year. Thanks for the opportunity Nige, it was great to be able to spend time with you again. I’m looking forward to the Aeroventure show on the 12th August.
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