Tuesday, April 03, 2007 - 12:03 AM UTC
Model show at the Aeroventure museum, Doncaster.
On Sunday the 1st April the British Bulldogs once again attended the model show which is held at the Aeroventure museum in Doncaster. I like to think of this venue as our spiritual home, as this was the location of the first ever outing of the group and that was before we became an IPMS Branch.

The show itself has grown in that time as was evident in the amount of cars in the car park. Even more importantly there were some very important traders who took the time and effort to attend. Model Design Construction (MDC) and Aeroclub, to name just a couple of them. The show itself is held amongst the exhibits, which always makes for an interesting atmosphere.

Members attending were, Sam (camogirl), Allen (Tomcat31) Phil (Almonkey) Phil’s partner whose name I have forgotten, sorry. She did seem well impressed with the event and I believe that we might be seeing her again, which will be great. Derek, (command post), Pat (Blackhand) made the journey from Bolton and manned their own branch stand as well. Luciano (Littorio) and Andy (Big skip) travelled for 2.5-3 hours to be there. Nearly forgot, I was there as well, but I only live about 10 miles away. Andy (Bigskip) brought cakes, again, Sam (camogirl) and Allen (Tomcat31), brought their toasty making “pig”, but for once we didn’t have any power, which was a great pity. Several kits were bought; Sam even bought the MDC 1/32 Typhoon, which made me really jealous. I went over to talk to the guys on the MDC stand instead, so I could just look at the built up one and the Ki 61 “Tony”. Both of which are stunning. They also told me that MDC are planning on bringing out a 1/32 Arado Ar 234B. No date for this but when I asked they said “soon”. This, if true, will be a real winner.

There is another show in August, which we will be attending, so if you didn’t make this one I hope to see you then.

Thanks to all the members that made the effort to attend, we always have plenty of you at these shows, not bad for an “on line” branch.
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