Tuesday, September 26, 2006 - 11:31 PM UTC
Ross Mahoney (Mahross) has only been in Cornwall a short while but didn't wast any time getting to a show and sent this report.
Show Report

IPMS West Cornwall 16th September 2006

This was the first show for this small club and having just moved into the area I decided to take the opportunity to go along and find out what the modelling scene is like in this area of the UK. The show was held at the Phillack Hall in Hayle, West Cornwall and the show had seven clubs attending and four traders. The show was sponsored by Brigade Models of Kent. Overall the show was superb, showcasing the talent of a lot of the models from the region. The best club stand was the Torbay stand and many of the pieces on there would be familiar to anyone who reads Model Military International as they were the pieces of John Murphy, its editor, and Adrian Goldsworthy. The only major issue for the show, and one I know that they are looking to change, was space. At times the hall was very cramped and it was very hard to see everything. Having talked to Mark Wardley the branch Treasury they are looking too moved to a bigger venue and also bring more traders into what is a very good local show.
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