Monday, February 06, 2006 - 12:44 AM UTC
IPMS ArmoramaUK branch stand has it's second outing at the Scale Model Kraft 2006 show run by IPMS Milton Keynes.
On Sunday 5th February IPMS ArmoramaUK branch stand had it’s second outing and the first since the big Telford show last November.

IPMS Milton Keynes is to be congratulated on putting on such a great show; there were plenty of traders and model clubs. Although I only managed a quick look around the main hall our location meant that all punters had to move past our stand and there seemed to be plenty of them.

We engaged a number of the public and other IPMS members in discussions about model making and a number of cards, containing Armorama details, were handed out. The local press came to take some pics and Henk got his taken with one of his AFVs “shooting” him. I also managed to get a couple of pics of the Armorama logo to be taken. I also did a couple of impromptu demonstrations and one punter seemed particularly taken and kept telling me how inspired he was. That in itself made the day worthwhile but it was really topped off by Courtney (yoghurt) our 9 year old girl member of the Armorama Angels, taking a Bronze in the competition for her Sherman. Well done Courtney. I also entered the competition, (a first for me) as did Phil (almonkey) and Henk (Henk). Henk and I were unplaced but Phil got a highly commended for his 1/72 Tiger Moth, well done Phil. Another highlight was meeting 3 new Armorama members; two of which I didn’t know would be there, but sorry guys I have forgotten your names. I must learn to write these things down, if you read this please PM me and remind me, as I hope to see you at more shows. Nige (Lampie) was there also and he brought along his 2 completed models since just getting back into the hobby after 20 years. They can be found within the Aircraft Forum, but I can confirm that they are far better in real life. Also attending was Andy (Betheyn), Courtney’s dad and Andy (Torchy) who had his son Joe with him, hopefully he will join Armorama. Some travelled quite a distance to be there, so thanks for you time guys and I hope to see you at more shows in the future.

There was a figure manufacturer who I spoke to and it turns out they have been trying to link to Armorama, so I will be sorting that out for them. They also seemed interested in supplying figures for review, so I will see if I can bring that to fruition.

Like I said I didn’t get much time to get around the show, that’s OK I like standing and talking to punters. I did however make some purchases, but only one make any sense, the Accurate Miniatures Vindicator. I also picked up an Eduard Sopwith Camel, that is worrying, and the new Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87 G, which I stopped being packed away right at the end as I was getting the stand back into my car.

All in all a worthwhile day out and I reckon that I’ll book space next year.
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