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Henschel Hs 129B-2 in the Snow

This is Hasegawa’s Henschel Hs 129 B-2 re-boxed by Revell. My inspiration for building this kit, apart from wanting a 129 in my collection, was that I wanted to try my hand at creating, for the first time, a white washed winter camouflage scheme. At a later date I will be using the knowledge gained while doing this model to do Rudel’s Ju 87G-2, in a winter scheme. I’m really looking forward to doing that.

The cockpit parts were sprayed RLM 66, given a black wash and dry-brushed with medium grey and a touch of aluminium, in selected places. Detail was picked out using a small brush. The gaiter around the lower part of the joystick was painted leather. The instrument panel was painted black, dry-brushed with dark grey, the dials were then dry-brushed with white. This leaves the bezels white as well, so these are repainted with semi gloss black. Eduard colour etch seat belts were added. I asked a question on the forum reference the seat position. Pictures found on the Internet and in member’s collections, confirm that the seat is pushed back, for the pilot to enter and exit. This requires that the seat belts hang down, in a “U” shape behind the seat, in this position.

The Cockpit canopy and windscreen were dipped in Klear and masked using Parafilm M, they were sprayed RLM 66, at the same time as the rest of the cockpit.

The undercarriage legs, wheel wells and door inner faces were sprayed RLM 02, when dry they were given a wash with dark grey and dry-brushed with RLM 02. The gaiters were painted matt black, then dry-brushed with dark grey. The wheels were painted matt black, dry-brushed with just a touch of aluminium, then received a gloss coat. The tyres were painted Xtracolor tyre black and weathered with 2 earth/sand colours.

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About Mal Mayfield (Holdfast)

Hi, my name is Mal Mayfield and I have been modelling seriously for about 25 years. My main interest is 1/48 scale second world war. I build all types and all combatants. I have built 1/35 scale "targets" and 1/72 scale modern aircraft, plus a couple of cars. I have also dabbled with figure painting...