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Detail photos: Pucara wheel wells

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This series of photos shows the details found within the FMA 1A58 Pucara's wheel wells. The photos were taken of the Pucara on display at RAF Cosford and show:
1: Nose gear well looking up and aft
2: Nose gear well looking straight aft
3: Stbd main gear well forward bulkhead, exhaust pipe visible above
4: Port main gear well looking up and forward
5: Port main gear well looking at retraction strut attachment
6: Port main gear well retraction strut attachment from directly below
7: Port main gear well right aft looking at main strut attachment
8: Stbd main gear well looking straight aft
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About the Author

About Luciano Satornetti (Littorio)

Ok, firstly I build what ever takes my fancy however I mainly build 1/350 WWII era ships mainly cruisers and any aircraft. However my favourite aircraft being the mighty Beaufighter, Sepecat Jaguar, Hawker Hunter, Fw-190 and the Su-27 family. I also like wheeled armour like the Stryker and Centauro ...


I owe everyone an apology. I forgot to click the important little button that makes these features go "live" so it was sitting in the Admin directory and not letting anyone read it. It should work now.
NOV 19, 2011 - 12:47 PM
WOW, I have two of this in 1/48 on my stash... And This pics are very intresting...! Thanks...!!!
NOV 19, 2011 - 01:05 PM
These are just great. Thank you Jessie for the link and thank you to Luciano for taking the pictures. I am just about to start the wheel wells on the Special Hobbies kit so this is very timely. Of course it means removing the detail from the kit parts and starting from scratch . . . I see a lot of tiny bits in my future . . . Warwick
NOV 19, 2011 - 01:33 PM