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AMPS 2021 Theme - Vote Your Favorite
Maryland, United States
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Posted: Saturday, May 09, 2020 - 01:10 AM UTC
AMPS members:

As you already know, the AMPS 2020 Show has been moved to September 24-26, 2020 and being held in Danbury, CT. AMPS is now in the process of preparing for AMPS 2021 show. Get in on the action of helping decide the next AMPS show theme.

The 2021 AMPS International Convention theme Nomination period is officially closed. After reviewing all nominations several were discarded due of being previous Convention themes or too hard to describe or validate.

Below are the "Fabulous Fifteen" themes that AMPS members can cast their vote for on the AMPS Webpage. Just like voting for the next year's theme at shows, you must be an AMPS member in good standing to vote. To vote, log into the website and then click on this link: “Vote for the 2021 Theme”. You can only vote once. Voting will close on May 12 at Midnight, Central Time. The Show theme will be posted here as well as the AMPS webpage on 13 May 20.

Your choices are:

1. Hard core modelling: Resin, vacuum form, conversions, or scratch-built models that have come out as kits.

2. Under new management: Vehicles that have either been captured or sold to smaller armies.

3. In Another World including WW3...model something that didn't or hasn't happened yet

4. Machines of Mercy - Vehicles used in medical service. Half-tracks, jeeps, armor (may need to use figures on this one).

5. Hard Targets Stuff you would see on a gunnery range or impact area.

6. Move it! - If is hauls, moves, or transports; its included. Support the US Army Transportation Museum in Newport News VA. We plan to highlight this Museum as our main attraction just a few miles away from the hotel next year. It will be great if we can connect with the museum as the theme for the show.

7. "He's not heavy, he's my brutha" Heavy tanks

8. 30th anniversary of the Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm.

9. The Cold War 1947-1991

10. Baker's Dozen. Any vehicle any time frame that 13 or less where made of.

11. Logistics - Medical, Transportation, Quartermaster and Ordnance/Maintenance.

12. British Influence. Any vehicle that was influenced by a British tank. This could include the Polish 7TP, Russian T-26, Italian M13/40 which were influenced by the British 6-tonner, the Israeli Merkava I which used Centurion suspension, the German Maultier half-track that used British Hortsman suspension, and even the Japanese type 89, which was essentially a Medium Mk. C. There are lots of other examples.

13. "Unpainted Arizona" - any unfinished model to show what you had to do to get it to look right!

14. Artillery - any towed or self-propelled gun or howitzer.

15. Interwar years

Please remember AMPS members can only vote once. If you are not an AMPS member and want to vote, just head over to the AMPS website and join to cast your vote 2021 Convention Theme.

Until the next AMPS announcement, model on and Cheers!!!