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AMPS 2020 - Show Theme Announcement
Maryland, United States
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Posted: Monday, July 15, 2019 - 05:02 AM UTC
Fellow AFV modelers,

I hope your summer is progressing well and you have plenty of time with family and friends outside enjoying cookouts and weekend gatherings. While cooler weather is still several month away when many of us hibernate to the model bunker and build away for those spring time shows, it's a great time to look at reference materials and magazines to give us inspiration for our next project.

Well, to help with providing some inspiration, read on to see what the AMPS 2020 Show theme is all about. There should be plenty of inspiration and ideas after reading that.

Next year’s AMPS show theme for Harrisburg is Last Battles.

We are defining this as any model, diorama, vignette, or figure representing a vehicle, scene, or combatant from the last year of any major conflict involving armor. Notice the words "major conflict" and "involving armor." Some conflicts are ongoing, and some are debatable as major conflicts, so to clear things up, these are the conflicts and their last years that are acceptable for the theme:

World War I - 1918
Spanish Civil War - 1939
World War II - 1945
Israeli War of Independence - 1949
Korean War- 1953
French Indo-China War-1954
Vietnam War (end of US troop involvement) - 1973
Gulf War - 1991
Bosnian War - 1995
Gaza War - 2009
Iraqi War (withdrawal of US Forces from cities)- 2009

This list represents enough eras to cover armor involved in quite a few last battles. Any battle that occurred in these conflicts in these years meets the criteria. If this is debated, the head judge will have the final say after conferring with the assistant chief judge(s) to determine eligibility for the show theme entry.
The modeler must provide documentation of the battle being represented from at least one source, and at least one photo of the vehicle(s) and/or figures (if used) from that battle being represented. The vehicles should have appropriate markings for the battle depicted.

I hope you have a great time building for this theme and we'll see you in Harrisburg in 2020!

David Vickers AMPS Chief Judge

While you are at it, don't forget to visit the AMPS homepage at amps-armor.org and make your hotel reservations at the AMPS discounted price via the hotel link while they are available. You can renew your membership online while you are at the AMPS homepage. And don't forget to check out the latest AMPS reviews.

Till the next AMPS 2020 show announcement:

Enjoy your summer Model on!