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AMPS 2019 Show - Deadline Fast Approaching
Maryland, United States
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Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 04:29 AM UTC
Fellow AFV Modelers and Enthusiasts, the 2019 Show is less than 2 weeks away. Time to dust off that seldom used suitcase and duffle bag and start packing for the show. Remember to use some TLC when packing those entries you've worked so hard on and be sure to give them a good 'once over' with the AMPS judging criteria in hand.

As we are all gearing up for the show, don't forget: AMPS pre-registration closes midnight on Tuesday, April 30th. Go to the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) and pre-register all your entries for the show so you don't have to mess with any paperwork once you arrive. It saves time for you and for AMPS volunteers who are stretched thin working the show.

And speaking of volunteers, the AMPS 2019 Show is still in need of volunteers to help with various aspects of the shoe to include set up and tear down. Also, on-location registration, runners and light administration help is needed. It won't take your whole day, but will go a long way in making things run smooth and enjoyable for everyone. Just an hour or two to help out will make a big difference. Visit the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) and select the link to sign up for a task or two. The link is under the AMPS 2019 International Convention announcement.

ACJs and Judges Signup: If you are a certified ACJ with AMPS, we need you to volunteer for a shift or two to help keep the judging shifts moving. And speaking of keeping things moving, we need judges to help throughout the weekend. Sign up for two shifts and get a free AMPS Crew T-shirt complete with this year's very cool logo. Can't do two shifts? Well, then consider one, but you will find it is very eye-opening and quite addicting. You can sign up on line for an ACJ shift if you are AMPS ACJ certified or a field judge slot.

Raffle Donations: We are still in need of raffle donations to make the AMPS raffle better than last year's mountain of plastic and resin. We are looking for newer kits, aftermarket sets, reference books, figures or figure sets you may be willing to donate to the AMPS International Show raffle.If you are cleaning out your stash and are willing to part with some of those items, bring them to the show and pass them off to the King of Raffle himself, Frank Ciccarella at [email protected]

For all who have donated time, sponsored categories, donated items or other gifts to help make this year's show a success, a hugh "Thank you" from all of the AMPS 2019 show committee. We really do appreciate your contributions.


chuck willis
AMPS Public Information Officer