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AMPS 2019 Announcement - Registration
Maryland, United States
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Posted: Thursday, March 07, 2019 - 11:40 PM UTC
Greetings Treadheads;

We are closing in on 60 days out to the biggest AFV modeling convention in North America; yes that's right. The AMPS 2019 International Show in Buffalo, New York from May 7-9, 2019. Many of the behind the scenes work is steadily being completed to make this the best AMPS International Show ever. What makes this even more neat is the AMPS membership coming together at show time to help in all the various aspects of putting on a great show for everyone. That includes show set up, all the administrative paperwork, judging, transporting models to and from various
areas to be judged or placed in the model display area. And of course, with sad hearts, helping tear down and clean up after the show knowing that it will be another year before we all get together again for another fantastic show and reunite with friends.

As show time draws closer, here are some announcements to be aware of when preparing for the show along with opportunities to actively participate and support the show:

AMPS Online Pre-registration:

AMPS 2019 online pre-registration is in full swing and will close on Tuesday, April 30th. Just a few words for those who started pre-registration, but didn't complete it; get it done! You'll be glad you did. For those of you who never have pre-registered or are still sitting on the fence trying to decide; take the plunge and see how easy it is. It sure beats getting to the show and having to hunker down in a corner somewhere and trying to remember and list all you did to each model entry while people are heading to the vendor room or leaving it with an armload of kits, or seeing friends meeting up and making plans for the weekend, but you are stuck with AMPS "homework." Pre-registration really does help members get maximum enjoyment from the show by having all paperwork completed in the comfort of your own cave, desk or wherever you get your best modeling done and having registration fees paid BEFORE you arrive. This way, all the hard earned cash you bring to spend in our well stocked vendors area will be yours to spend! So, PLEASE TAKE A FEW MOMENTS to pre-register and complete the forms for the models you intend to bring. NOTE: Print those forms and stick them right in your storage box for the models! We want to make sure your time is well spent, and these little items of attention will go a long way to helping your AMPS volunteers to keep the show flowing!

AMPS 2019 Election:

AMPS members; don't forget to vote. Visit the AMPS homepage and select the "AMPS 2019 Election - Voting is Open" link and cast your votes. Remember; this is your organization and mine and we all have an opportunity to help select individuals who will be our representatives and work to make the society better, first for all AMPS members, as well as their respective regions as a society resource and channel of news and information.

AMPS voting closes March 15,2019.

Judging Sign Up:

While you are pre-registering, take the opportunity to sign up for judging shifts. It's a great way to support fellow AMPS show attenders, provides an opportunity to see a lot of great models up close and even get a free AMPS crew T shirt after completing 2 judging shifts. But the best part of all, though I'm being sort of biased here, is that being part of a judging team really can help improve your modeling skills. You have an opportunity to view models up close and evaluate entries with fellow modelers using the AMPS judging criteria and get some ideas of how you can improve your own builds.

Raffle Donations:

In preparing for this year's show, as in the past, we are soliciting and receiving raffle donations from manufacturers and vendors. Now we are calling on AMPS members to look into their stashes to identify items they are willing to donate to the raffle. We are looking for the following items in new or unused condition and complete:

newer released kits, figures (resin and plastic), aftermarket sets (conversions and upgrades), reference materials, tools and diorama-related items (structures, furniture, vegetation, trees, etc.). Like the manufactures, show sponsors and vendors, AMPS member donations have always come through to make the raffle items available all the more enticing. So, we are asking for folks to look through your stashes, collections and man cave secret storage compartments for things to donate. If you've identified some items for donation, drop Frank Ciccarella, our AMPS 'raffle king' at [email protected] to let him know that you would like to donate and what you are providing.

You can either send them to:

Frank J. Ciccarella
5628 W. 89th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

or bring them to the show if you are attending.

Visit the AMPS homepage at amps-armor.org and check out the latest international show updates like sponsors and vendors.
Not a member? Visit the AMPS homepage and join today!

Till the next AMPS 2019 International show announcement:

Chuck Willis

AMPS Public Information Officer