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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Radu Brinzan never ceases to amaze me, not only on account of his talent a as a master modeller, but for his sheer imagination in devising new modelling tools. The latest is a new style of scriber. Well, two styles really, because this is 2-in-1 tool that is rather unique and works equally effectively in two completely different ways.

But, back to basics - what does the Scribe-R consist of? A small heavy duty etched steel fret contains:

1 x blade holder
3 x scribing blades

After spending a minute or two separating the holder and a blade from the fret and cleaning off any remaining attachment burrs, it's time to assemble the gizmo.

The blade fits into a slot in the tip of the holder. Then you must bend it along engraved lines until two tabs line up with another slot in the body of the holder. The bend is fool-proof and precise and you are left with a strange looking device almost like a futuristic quill pen.

At this stage it's very flimsy, but the magic happens when you fit it into the cross-jaws of an X-Acto style tool handle. Now the reason for the cruciform shape becomes clear and everything becomes rock solid.

In use
The Scribe-R's tip is at a very natural angle and proved instinctive to use. Drawing it lightly towards you, it produces a fine scribed line, removing a swarf of material as it goes with little tendency to snag or "dig in". It's easy to steer around curves and the tool itself is small enough to get into hard to reach corners. For delicate work it's far superior the fabled P-Cutter, and I must say that on the basis of a few tests I prefer the Scribe-R to my usual favourite Tri-Tool and Bare Metal scribers.

Turning tool over, the back of the blade holder forms another style of scriber. It's very lightly serrated and running it back and forth produces a fine engraved line. Again, it's easy to control and, with its back and forth motion, is virtually impossible to snag. One obvious application is to run it across the back of a fuselage or a wing leading edge where engraved detail has been lost in sanding. I'd normally use a razor saw for this, but the Scribe-R's edge is far safer and less likely to go too deep.

Radu deserves to be onto a winner with his Scribe-R. It's a great tool; affordable, and simple to use. For most scribing tasks I think my existing collection of tools are likely to stay in the drawer now. Highly recommended.

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Highs: Affordable and simple to use, producing excellent results.
Verdict: Radu's new 2-in-1 Scribe-R deserves a place in every modeller's toolkit.
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  Mfg. ID: RB-T019
  Suggested Retail: 5.50
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 18, 2009

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About Rowan Baylis (Merlin)

I've been modelling for about 40 years, on and off. While I'm happy to build anything, my interests lie primarily in 1/48 scale aircraft. I mostly concentrate on WW2 subjects, although I'm also interested in WW1, Golden Age aviation and the early Jet Age - and have even been known to build the occas...

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Just got my RB Productions PE Scribe-R set in the mail. I tried these interesting looking blades on a couple panel line areas I'm re-scribing on a Revell B-58 and an old Voodoo jet. I hafta tell ya that these are real gems to work with...! They make clean, even scribes, and VERY little excess to clean up. The lines are smooth and MUCH better than the old style of scraper sctibers I'm used to using. Full marks to Radu, he is always coming up with sweet little tools that nobody else thinks of, and they truely are a great addition to the hobby. Cheers, GIVE 'EM a TRY...!! Laurie
NOV 18, 2012 - 09:00 AM

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