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Book Review
German Unit Insignia of WW2

by: Frank Portela [ CLANKY44 ]

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Waldemar Trojca and John Fedorowicz have collaborated in bringing us this comprehensive volume of German unit markings. The first of three volumes in German Ground Units, brings us an 80 page high gloss soft cover reference manual and more importantly, two and a half, full pages of high quality decals in 35th, 48th, and 72nd scales. These volumes, once all released will provide the modeller with a fantastic array of marking options for German vehicles.

The Book
This first volume concentrates on a variety of units. While the cover of the book shows a Tiger of the Das Reich SS.Div., a more fitting cover would of shown a Flak Panzer. Most of the decals are indeed for flak units.

The book prodives you with 52 pages of unit history mixed in with half page B&W photos, mainly of the Panzer units. Minimal photos of the Infantry Div. and of the Flak units are included, so uou will have to find other reference to find the placement and proper use of these decals. An additional 7 colour pages dress up the middle of the book, these are large scale reproductions of the decals which references the text unit histories with the decal sheets. The back 16 pages give you colour full page profiles of arbitrary vehicles, nicely done, but lacking in context.

Units Profiled
Panzer and Infantry
1. Pz.Div., 2. Pz.Div., 1.SS-Pz.Div. LSSAH, 2.SS-Pz.Div. Das Reich, 1.Inf.Div., 2.Inf.Div., 3.Inf.Div., 4.Inf.Div., 5.Inf.Div. (later 5. Ieichte Inf.Div. and 5. Jager-Div), 6.Inf.Div. (and 6.Volks-Gren.Div.), 7.Inf.Div., 8.Inf.Div. (later 8. Jager-Div.), 9.Inf.Div. (later 9.Volks-Gren.Div.), 10.Inf.Div. (later mot.), 11.Inf.Div., 12.Inf.Div. (later 12.Volks-Gren.Div.).

Flak Units
Fla.Btl.22.,47.,55., H-Fla.Art.Abt.302., Pz.Jg.Abt.332., Fla.Btl.501., Fla-Btl.(mot.)614., Fla.Btl.(mot.)616., Inf.Fla.Btl.837., Fla.Div.6.,9., 10., 13., 18., 19., 20., V.Flakkorps, Fla.-Sturm-Rgt.3., Fla.Rgt.4.,5.,6.,9.,12.,18.,19.,24.,26.,27.,33.,42.,47.,64.,135.,201., gem.-Fla.Abt.295.,614., Reserve Fla.Abt.394., Ie.Fla.Abt.71.,73.,75.,76.,81.,99.

All units have a brief description, including the establishment date, unit structure, and the unit history. A numerical sequence is provided within the unit history text, which relates to the seven plus pages of full colour unit markings within the book. This is very handy, as the decal sheets are not referenced.

The Decals
Two and a half full pages of the finest water slide decals in print are provided. Nowhere in the text of the book or on the covers does it state what scales are provided, but it's obvious that Model Hobby using Malopolska Poligrafia printers have given us a uniform mix of 35th, 48th and 72nd scale decals. Spot on registry throughout, even in the 72nd decals. Very thin transfer paper is cut very tight to the marking, making these decals a must for your collection.

The table has been set for the next two releases. J.J. Fedorowicz and Waldemar Trojca under the Model Hobby logo have given us a highly prized collection of decals. My sole reservation on this first book, would be the colour profiles, and the space they occupy. A reduction of the colour profiles would provide space for sets of drawings showing where to place the unit markings, most of the flak unit decals will require additional reference material. In my opinion, a necessary addition for the German modeller.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN: 83-60041-17-2
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 19, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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