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In-Box Review
Russian Navy Slava Class Cruiser Varyag

by: Frank Portela [ CLANKY44 ]

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Model Shipwrights

A Brief History...

Project : 1164 (Atlant) came to be as an answer to the mounting threat from American Carrier groups. Falling between the larger Kirov and the smaller Sovremenny, the Slava Class cruisers were and still are a powerful addition to the Russian Navy. It's armament is centered around the 16 powerful SS-N-12 'Sandbox' surface to surface missiles, which, armed with either a nuclear or a 1000kg warhead, are capable of reaching targets as far as 550km (350miles). Four ships where completed (Moskva, Varyag, Marshall Ustinov, and Admiral Flota Lobov), three of which serve under the Russian banner, the forth ship Vilna Ukrayina (ex- Admiral Flota Lobov) was handed over to the Ukranians and is still under construction. The ship is defended by 8 vertical SA-N-6 (Grumble) SAM launchers and 2 SA-N-4 (Gecko) SAM launchers.

What's in the Box...

Trumpeter gives you a great little package, a nice sturdy box with great artwork showing the Varyag steaming off in what is presumably the Pacific Ocean. You get 8 sprues molded in a light grey plastic. It appears that Trumpeter is using their own stock of plastic, as Pit-Road's past offerings have given us a much softer and unforgiving plastic. The plastic shows some hint of flash, but nothing troublesome. The detail on the parts is first rate, typical Pit-Road. Trumpeter gives you the option of a full or water-line hull. A ten page instruction booklet and a colour 3-view drawing gives you all that is necessary to build-up the model.


A nice decal sheet gives you the option of modelling the four ships in the line, two of which are unknown to me.

Moskva, Black Sea Fleet... hull number 121
Varyag, Pacific Fleet... hull number 011
Marshal Ustinov, Northern Fleet... hull number 088


A great addition by Trumpeter. They continue to add to their recent line up of Modern Russian Naval fleet vessels. The Varyag will certainly stand out on any display base, but for a trully inspiring sight, imagine her sailing next to the Kuznetzov, Admiral Gorshkov, and the Kirov. Thanks to Trumpeter, you can now create this fearsome battle fleet in 700th scale.

note from the editor

With the recent change here to MSW some features are still in the limbo, but here is the link for a "walkaround" on the Slava 088 Admiral Makarov, taken in transit to Gibraltar, back in 1989 - hope tha this photos can help you guys when making this Slava.
Marshal Ustinov 088, Admiral Makarov 659, Kresta II 959 Surveillance Pictures
Trumpeters' release of this modern 700th scale Cruiser, fills out a nice void in the modern Russian Navy. With Trumpeters' recent venture with Skywave/Pit-Road, we the modeller continue to reap the benefits. We now get Pit-Roads' great quality of 700th scale waterline models, without their sticker shock.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: 05721
  Suggested Retail: $28 CDN
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 10, 2006

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  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 010
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 011
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 012
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 013
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 014
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 015
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 016
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 017
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 018
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 019
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 020
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 021
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  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 001
    Box Art
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 002
    Hull parts (waterline / full hull option)
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 003
    SA-N-6 (Grumble) SAM launchers and detail on deck
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 004
    Deck Details
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 005
    Missile Tubes sprue
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 006
    SS-N-12 'Sandbox' surface to surface missiles tubes parts detail
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 007
    More part details
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 008
    Superstructure parts Sprue
  • Trumpeter Slava Class Cruiser - 009
    Superstructure Details