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In-Box Review
WW2 US Soldier and his Dog
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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When it comes to resin figures that are out of the ordinary MK 35 has a nice selection in their catalogue. MK 35 recently sent me a sample of their latest figure release WW2 US Soldier and his Dog after I sent them some images of my grandfather with his dogs during WW2 in both North Africa and Italy, I am kind of hoping that one image of him around the lions of Rome appears as a future product.


This resin figure from MK 35 is supplied in two parts, the full torso that only requires the addition of the head. The figure parts are supplied in a clear Ziploc plastic bag. Also included is a full colour image of this figure with a separate painting guide with Humbrol paint numbers supplied and also suggestions on oil paints.

The body portion of this figure is supplied with the casting plug removed; there is however the remnants to be cleaned off the sole of the boots. I am pleased that the casting plug has been removed as the resin does seem to be very hard, that is of course not a bad thing unless the modeller intends to modify the figure. The stance of the figure looks very natural and in proportion. The figure has the pup cradled in the left arm and there is also a German helmet in the left hand, the right arm is across the body and the hand holding one of the pupsí legs.

Uniform detail looks quite good overall, but the leg pockets look a tad on the large size. The bandolier of ammunition pouches will make for an interesting appearance due to a nicely moulded undercut. The only real issue I have picked up is that the figure looks to have two right boots, this is clearly seen looking from below the boots, but can also be seen to a lesser degree when looking at the left side. I can accept that this area may have been deformed during removal of the pour plug. This could be easily overcome in at least two ways; the cheapest and easiest method would be to place the figure in such a way as to hide the left side of the boot, alternatively you could cut the feet off of a plastic figure and attach them to this figure.

The hand and facial detail on this figure are fair to good. The thumb and fingers are clearly defined and while the left hand may look a little on the large side, it should be remembered that it is a hand in a glove. The facial detail is acceptable if a little bland in expression and the helmet does have a nice undercut around the circumference of the head. The base of the neck will need a tidy up where the pour plug has been removed.


I am pleased with this figure for the most part and I particularly like the unique stance of this figure, which even though it is stood in a relaxed pose it is doing something of interest and this unique stance could be used to tell a story or part thereof. I personally will be removing the boots and replacing them with a plastic set; I just cannot live with it knowing itís there as it would always drag my eyes to it. The inclusion of a painting guide is a nice touch seldom seen supplied with resin figures. So other than the boots I feel this is a great figure to add to your stash.
Highs: A very good and unique pose that can tell a story and would also make for a nice vignette in its own right.
Lows: Two right feet on this sample and which I cannot explain to my satisfaction.
Verdict: Well worth adding to your stash due to its appeal.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: F247
  Suggested Retail: Ä11.00
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 25, 2015
  NATIONALITY: United States

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This is a subject with a lot of potential. I have been impressed with MK35 Editions figures; the wrong foot is disappointing. Darren, will you be painting this model?
FEB 26, 2015 - 01:01 AM

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