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On 14 Nov.1965 in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam, more than 400 troopers from the U.S. 7th Air Cavalry found themselves outnumbered. Nearly 2000 enemy soldiers surrounded them in a small clearing called Landing Zone, and they had to fight like they'd never fought before.
From USA Network
Combat Missions pits four elite squads comprised of six non-active military and law enforcement professionals against one another. Comprised of Navy SEALs, SWAT, CIA, Marine Recon, Delta Force, and Green Berets, squad members must use their strength, skills, and wits to compete for bounty — and, more importantly, for honor and pride. Check the USA site for showtimes.
From The History Channel
On October 4, 1993, the world was witness to the graphic images of dead American soldiers being dragged through the streets in Somalia. What had been planned as a 30-minute military mission had erupted into one of the most intense gun battles of recent U.S. history.

Based on Mark Bowden's best-selling book Black Hawk Down, takes an in-depth look at the Battle of Mogadishu by presenting the first-hand accounts of Army Rangers, Delta Force members, UN officials, and Somali militiamen. Bowden shares his knowledge and research throughout the program, guiding the story from the arrival of the UN peacekeeping force through the events of October 4, 1993.

For encore showtimes please check the listings at the History Channel.
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There are four new items from Plus Model for October, a large farmhouse, an air conditioner unit and more.
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Kinetic Models is working on the Atlas Cheetah D in 1/48 scale
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Lonestar Models has re-released its resin B-26 short span conversion in 1/48 scale
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Foxbot Decals has released new masks in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale to help the modeler to re-create the digital and blotchy camouflage on the Ukrainian Su-25
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Lone Star Models has produced a resin 1/48 wheel set for the Sikorsky H-34
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