About Us
We are a group of modellers who met via the Kitmaker network and decided that we would like to spread the word about modelling and the great community that we found there. This web site is part of that community and we, as a group, get on pretty well. That might be because we, generally, only meet in person at shows.

We are quite unique in that we are internet based and this has many advantages over a conventional model club. One of which is that we have members from all around the country, from Scotland to Cornwall. Not quite John O' Groats to Lands End, but close. We also really do like to encourage the younger and novice modeller, one of our members, Eleanor (callsign Caladhiel, on the Kitmaker network), is one of our junior members and she builds cars and figures. Our club also boasts 3 other female members, Samantha, Sam (callsign Camogirl), Sam reviews models for a leading modelling magazine, Emma (callsign GunLayer)and Kerry (callsign KerryCarter).

Anyone who joins us is sure of a great welcome and I can promise you that you will really enjoy meeting the members at shows. You don't have to be the "best modeller" in the world to join us, all that is required is that you like to build models. If you aspire to greater things then we have the expertise to help get you there.

Our History
It was the year 2003 and many UK members of, what was then Armorama, attempted to meet at the greatest model show in the country, Scale Modelworld, held at the Telford International Centre. This is a big show, run annually by the International Plastic Model Society (IPMS), it covers three halls, and it is almost impossible to meet someone who you have never met before, in such a place. The first year I suggested that everybody wear a home made badge, but I never saw anyone wearing one and I guess that nobody saw mine, quite a disapointment. I announced, on the UK forum every show that I was going to attend and said that I would be wearing my badge, in the hope that someone would find me. The folly of this approach was highlighted at the Newark and Lincoln show which was held, then, at the Southwell racecourse. The venue is not the biggest place and I had been walking around mostly looking for people wearing a badge. A couple of members had indicated that they would be there. I was browsing one of the traders stands, along with others and, as I turned to leave and continue my quest, I bumped into who I had been looking for, he was standing next to me. Until I turned in his direction he couldn't see my badge, this was Phil Box (almonkey) and his better half. It was great to meet someone who, up until then had just been a name on a message board. For me this first meeting of a member of Armorama was quite significant, it proved to me what a good idea it was to get more members together and the seeds of this club were sown.

During that year, 2004, Jim Starkweather asked the staff members for ideas to increase the members of Armorama. I suggested starting an on line branch of the IPMS. At the time I wasn't sure how or if it would work but the idea was that, by having our own IPMS branch, we would be able to have our own stand at SMW and therefore somewhere to meet.

For the 2004 SMW event I suggested, along with wearing badges, members should meet at a given time at a given place. I did manage to meet a couple more members (their names escape me, I'm usless when it comes to names and faces). Significantly though I did get to talk with the IPMS President, Paul Regan, and outlined my idea. He asked me to send him a letter outlining my proposal. After another event without meeting a significant number of members I left quite disappointed, but determined that the following year I would have a stand at SMW.

The day after SMW I sat down and wrote down my proposal and got it in the post the following day. When eventually Paul Regan replied the basic answer was no! There was, however, a glimmer of hope, if I would take on the "Country Branch" as well (the Country Branch is a branch for those that cannot or do not want to be a member of a local branch). This seemed to be a reasonable idea as the internet is an ideal place to keep in touch. So it seemed that we would get the go ahead but, at first nothing seemed to come of it. In fact I attended my first model show, at the Aeroventure aircraft museum, in Doncaster, not far from me. On the table I put a sign stating "IPMS Armorama, now forming", which to me was a recruiting idea for the IPMS. Not so for the IPMS as one of the Executive Committee (EC) who was also there got a right bee in his bonnet, so I had to take the sign down. The show at Aeroventure is on twice a year and we were accepted just before this second show. I had a six foot banner made on a white hardboard backing declaring "IPMS Armorama" and this was our first official show as an IPMS branch, and it was attended by 4 members. Me, Mal Mayfield (Holdfast), Phil Box (almonkey), Henk Meerdink (Henk) and Harri Harrison (Jetprovost).

Our Meetings
We meet everyday, on line and physically at shows. See "Upcoming shows" for our next show.
If you would like a chat then do come and say hello. Look for the big blue Bulldog shield.
Membership Info
As a branch of the IPMS our club is unique, in that you must be a member of the IPMS to be a member. You must also be a member of the Kitmaker network, this allows you access to our own forum. This forum is where the business of the club takes place.

So to join:
1. Join the Kitmaker network.
2. Join the IPMS www.ipms-uk.co.uk

Once you have done 1 and 2 post on the forum "IPMS Members, where are you?" and request to join, stating your IPMS number. We will reply there once you have been signed up and you will see the Bulldogs logo in your header bar on any post you make.