About IPMS-UK KitMaker Branch
We are a group of modellers who met via the Kitmaker network and decided that we would like to spread the word about modelling and the great community that we found there. This web site is part of that community and we, as a group, get on pretty well. That might be because we, generally, only meet in person at shows.

We are quite unique in that we are internet based and this has many advantages over a conventional model club. One of which is that we have members from all around the country, from Scotland to Cornwall. Not quite John O' Groats to Lands End, but close. We also really do like to encourage the younger and novice modeller, one of our members, Eleanor (callsign Caladhiel, on the Kitmaker network), is one of our junior members and she builds cars and figures. Our club also boasts 3 other female members, Samantha, Sam (callsign Camogirl), Sam reviews models for a leading modelling magazine, Emma (callsign GunLayer)and Kerry (callsign KerryCarter).

Anyone who joins us is sure of a great welcome and I can promise you that you will really enjoy meeting the members at shows. You don't have to be the "best modeller" in the world to join us, all that is required is that you like to build models. If you aspire to greater things then we have the expertise to help get you there.

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Editorial Staff

I have been modelling seriously for about 25 years. I served in the British Army a "Sapper", a member of the Royal Engineers, and served for 24 years as a Combat Engineer. My callsign, "Holdfast", is a reflection of my Army service. My current job is, possibly, a modellers dream. I am the senior loco builder for the world renouned Roundhouse Engineering, building 16mm gas fired, steam powered, radio controlled garden locomotives. My modelling really began when I needed models for aircraft and AFV recognition training, while serving, these were of modern subjects. As I began to get the bug I realised that my real passion is for WWII aircraft. I normally build in 1/48 but, recently, I have begun to get the urge to build in larger scales and I have just started building in 1/32. Joining the Kitmaker group has enhanced my modelling experience no end, especially as I am now the proud president of the unique IPMS-UK Kitmaker Branch. Through the Kitmaker Branch I have been able to meet, in person, many of the modellers that I have chatted to on the forums. many of these have joined the branch. I have now started a little enterprise producing custom paint masks for modellers "Miracle Paint Masks".