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Chris over at Cobra Company has been very busy this month. Just a week ago he released the SH-60B Super Detail Set and now he has the SH-60F Conversion and Super Detail Set ready to ship.
The latest release in Osprey's Modelling Masterclass line, World War 2 US Army Fighter Modeling is co-authored by Jerry Scutts and Brett Green.
Friday has brought us news from Twobobs that their latest shipment of decals has arrived. Plenty to choose from in this release so tighten your harness and get those kits ready.
Collect-Aire Models has gotten in quite a few restocks over the last month and have a new release coming too-the F-80C Shooting Star. Also, during the month of October they're running some special sales.
To appease all you Seahawk fans out there, Cobra Company has just announced the availability of their SH-60B Super Detail Set for the Italeri kits.
A new release from Osprey Publishing this month, US Army AH-1 Cobra Units in Vietnam explores the history, technology and crew of this legendary helicopter.
I'm a little late in getting this one out so this may be old news to some of you. AMtech recently released their 2005 product lineup and just wanted to pass the info along to you.
You 'what if' and Luftwaffe fans will like these new decal sheets from GEKKO Graphics. Designed for the AMtech 1/48 Ta-183 Huckebein, these looked to be some pretty slick decals.
Mike Grant is back with two more releases for you aviation modelers. The two subjects this time are the 1/144 BAC Lightning (and a F3 conversion) and the P-47D in 1/48 and 1/72 scale.
ACE models of the Ukraine has just begun production of a 1/72 AF-2S/3S Grumman Guardian (Hunter).
A new company has recently come to my attention-Mastery Miniatures. They have been around for a while but many of you will be happy to hear they offer a full line of aircraft pilots.
On September 25, Osprey Publishing will unveil its newest line of books Osprey Modelling. Osprey starts off this new series with two new books "Modelling the Harrier I and II" and "Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 110".
RODEN Model Kits is back again with an announcement on the latest edition to their line of model kits-the S.E. 5a in 1/48 scale.
ACE models has announced their latest production piece, the AF-2W Grumman Guardian in 1/72 scale.
It's been a little while since our last update from Accurate Miniatures but they're still alive and kicking and released a pretty big update yesterday. You'll be pleased to hear that they have updated their current production schedule and will be releasing their own line of decals.
One of Osprey Publishings latest releases is V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942-1952. Written by Steven Zaloga and illustrated by Robert Calow, this book explores the combat record of the V-2 in WWII.
The latest AMTech newsletter gives an exciting sneak preview of a new AMtech Limited Gold Series. The first releases will be a series of three 1/48th scale F2H Banshee models.

This movie is based upon the tenth novel, "The Far Side of the World" in the "Master and Commander" series by Patrick O'Brian, which started in 1969, inspiring 20 installments, all set during the early 19th century Napoleonic Wars, following the high seas adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey and his ship surgeon Stephen Maturin (also a spy).
According to the trades, Hanks and his Playtone producing partner Gary Goetzman are reuniting with the Saving Private Ryan director to mount a new 10-part WWII miniseries, dubbed for now "Untitled World War II Pacific Theater Project," which is on the fast track at DreamWorks.
Cobra Company is now taking orders on their latest release, a 1/35 scale detail/correction set for the Panda UH-1D. Shipment begins September 2, 2003.
Continuing to provide updates to the modeling community, Accurate Miniatures has unveiled two of their upcoming releases-the Ilyushin II-2m-3 and the RAF Mustang Mk. 1A.
Fresh off their trip to the IPMS Nationals in Oklahoma City, Cobra Company has released their latest product-a UH-1B Backdate Set.
Accurate Miniatures has been quiet for a few weeks but they've posted quite a hefty update on their site today. Their update includes a release schedule as well as research info on their upcoming SB2U Vindicator.
Custom Aeronautical Miniatures has unveiled their latest releases-three new decal sheets for the jet modeler. These new sheets are for those wanting to model the MIG-29A and EA-6B.
Mike Grant Decals has announced two new sheets of decals on their (his) website. The new decals are the BAE Hawk T.1 and the DHC Chipmunks.
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