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Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 08:49 PM UTC
Plus Model have just sent us their latest list of New Releases.
It's with a degree of trepidation I post this. With a recent Review of some of their products (the company was good enough to send us, incidentally) it seemed to be an excuse for a number of 'amusing' comments. One of these releases, in this list, has already felt to be sufficiently 'notable' to create its own thread...

With this releases, there are two distinct categories. The first are NEW releases, the second, a new line of packaging previous releases in packs of several items...

1) New Releases:

304 - U.S. M1941 Field Mess Set (25 Resin parts + PE)

336 - Grocery Store (33 Resin parts + PE)

340 - U.S. Field Stove M1937 (16 Resin parts + PE)

150 - 'Waiting on the Corner' (two resin figures)

2) 'Easy-Line' Releases:

EL007 - Lee-Enfield Nš4 Mark 1 (3 pieces)

EL012 - Milk Churn (3 pieces)

EL013 - German 18 Litre Water Can (6 pieces)

EL019 - Wooden Barrels (3 pieces)

EL023 - U.S. Wireless Station Vietnam (1 piece, 2 parts)

Our thanks to Plus Model for the Update!

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I think we all have a laugh at the figures, but their other stuff is TOP DRAWER and will get attention. (Speaking as a consumer and not an editor) I usually just buy the stuff I love and don't comment on its announcement. I bet the same thing is happening here. If you want to outfit an interior of a building (house, factory, store) PM is the way to go.
SEP 25, 2009 - 03:15 AM
Jim, I think Plus models is at the forefront of aftermarket accessories. Absolute top of the line, interesting subjects, quality casting, et al. Speaking as an average purchasing modeler, I always look to Plus Models for diorama accessories. And I usually look at their stuff first, because of the esoteric subject matter and kit quality. But they continue to release (female) figures that are (for lack of a better word) "bad". Although I am puzzled that they keep coming up with very odd looking figure releases, they certainly generate a lot of forum chatter and remember 'any publicity is good publicity' Maybe there is a method to their madness and Plus Models is on to something? Anyway based on their overall line, I don't think many people judge the company's products based on the figures alone. Cheers, Charles
SEP 25, 2009 - 03:32 AM
hi Like the Mess sets & the barrels etc, but they can keep the women .
SEP 25, 2009 - 04:10 AM
Yes, figures aside the other items look good with the exception of the SMLE rifles that seem to be missing the rear sight and a few opther details: Here's a pic of the Ultracast set which as you can see are much superior: Al
SEP 25, 2009 - 08:37 AM
Well, I would have to agree. the figures could be better. Maybe part of the problem is that the paint job could have been better. Also, the girl in the blue dress reminds me of the Sienfeld episode where Jerry dates the girl with "man" hands. : )
SEP 26, 2009 - 06:16 AM
Gotta agree totaly with Dave...........No ammount of beer will make these two ,sort of female figures, look good. They are about as bad as the one we saw a couple of weeks ago along with the guy that had the thousand yard stare and the shrunk up clothes. Whats up???? Sure would like to see some more well sculpted civilians ....including females. They don't have to look beautiful, but they should at least look human..............Al........
SEP 27, 2009 - 04:26 PM
Neat little selection apart from the obviously terrible figures. They make the female Luftwaffe figure in Italeri's Schwimmwagen kit look good!
SEP 27, 2009 - 04:49 PM
The stove is fantastic, bring back memories of checking on the cooks and getting my coffee and green eggs in the field. The officers mess kit is nice.... in all my years we never used it. Too much of a pain plus the officers ate the same way as everyone else. Now all you need is some drums with smoke stacks coming out of them for the immersion heaters to clean your mess kits Ahhh.....makes me hungry for a mess kit filled with mashed potatoes in the rain!!....Yummm Rounds Complete!!
OCT 03, 2009 - 01:07 AM
Nice looking sets. Anyone know what time era for the feild stove. I've seen one that mounted in the back of a 2 1/2 ton but can't remember who did it.
OCT 03, 2009 - 08:25 AM

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