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Sunday, February 04, 2018 - 02:19 PM UTC
Following its surprise revelation at this year's Spielwarenmesse, Richard Alexander has sent us details of Wingnut Wings' new Junkers D.1, along with photos of the model built superbly by Zdenko Bugan from the Slovak Republic.

We are pleased to announce that our next new release will be the revolutionary Junkers D.1 all metal monoplane fighter of 1918 that entered service just before the end of the First World War. The speed and climb performance were excellent and, although the revolutionary design was viewed with suspicion by many pilots more accustomed to traditional biplanes (a suspicion not really overcome well into the 1930s), it was very well regarded by the Marine-Feld-Jasta pilots who flew it. How much action the Junkers D.1 saw before the Armistice is hotly debated but they were used to great effect by Kampfgeschwader Sachsenberg FA 416 in the post war fighting between German Freikorps and Bolshevik (and other) forces in the Baltic during 1919.

32065 1/32 Junkers D.1 MSRP US$ 79 (+ local taxes etc.)
Available from 24 April 2018

-Expected to be released worldwide on 24 April 2018.
-124 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-11 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-Corrugated Duralumin surface details, panels, hatches and rivets authentically reproduced.
-Optional Daimler-Mercedes 180hp D.IIIa or 200hp D.IIIau Daimler-Mercedes D.IIIaü engines.
-Optional fuselage spine corrugation variations, foot steps and propellers.
-Special “wings removed” diorama display option.
-24 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-No interplane struts and (almost) no rigging makes this model the perfect introduction to First World War aircraft modelling.
-High quality Cartograf decals including markings for 5 colour schemes;

A - Junkers D.1 5185/18, Aldlershof, October 1918
B - Junkers D.1 5185/18 "Bänder", Hombeek, Marine-Feld-Jagdgechwader, November 1918
C - Junkers D.1 5184/18? "Weisser Schwanz", Hombeek, Marine-Feld-Jagdgechwader, November 1918
D - Junkers D.1 5188/18? "11", October 1918
E - Junkers D.1, Gotthard Sachsenberg (31 victories), Theodore Osterkamp (38 victories) & Josef Jacobs (48 victories), FA 416, September-October 1919.

Wingnut Wings models are available from specialist hobby shops worldwide and directly from our website www.wingnutwings.com with shipping charged at cost from New Zealand.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know.


Richard Alexander

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No rigging, my kind of plane!!
FEB 05, 2018 - 04:51 AM
I won't say that anything WNW does disappoints me, but... This is a surprising choice to me and I would have wished for something more along the lines of an iconic fighter such as a SPAD VII. Speaking of French, with more than sixty kits now released, I'm beginning to wonder whether New Zealanders are aware that France participated in the conflict.
FEB 06, 2018 - 05:46 AM

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